Dear Marie-Cécile and Thierry,

First of all I would like to thank you for the amazing tenants you found us in 2015. In terms of your planned inspection on Thursday, we’ve just received an asking price offer at first viewing. As a result, I’ve agreed to take the property off the market.

There are two possibilities.

Possibility A – I’m incredibly lucky

Marie-Cécile, I called you the moment I put the phone down with George, and you gently made me aware of the non-easy post Brexit reality, which was totally expected.

Now when I began experimenting with letting go of control after I left my last salaried job in 2007, in the eyes of some, I put my family under unnecessary risk 😕, and so I thank Lady Luck that we have been so lucky on this occasion. 🙏

Possibility B – Like a Blues Brother, this is another Blessing from God

In 1998, in Chicago, I was asked to facilitate harmony between techniques to teach faith, harmony and love. As has be done a few times before, this requires a reset from historic-based reference to real-time connection, also known as inspiration via ‘live performance‘.

After twice losing the loving feeling, in 2008, on the Wandsworth Bridge Road, fate asked me to try again, and I made a cheeky bet with George’s predecessor, that this spot (outside then printer, now Starbucks), where this “If GE were to re-express the Gospel logic in 14 pages so it works” document was requested by a brave Catholic priest, lies on the co-created path to peace in the Middle East.

As fate would have it, both tenants we’ve had, had Muslim origins, and both were totally delightful and true ambassadors of ❤️, even when I tested both with big mistakes (where I know I would have complained far more than them). In essence they proved that it’s not which club we belong to that matters, but how far we’ve evolved in the ego surrender path on the route to ❤️ and win/win/win co-creation skill.

As Easter approaches, with more and more ‘Lucky Break Gifts from God’ 🙏  occuring, consensus is building that the key to 🌍  2.0 lies simply in anyone who wants to contribute evolving himself/herself, and maybe, through practice & purpose & errors add a trail of

  1. Inspiring case studies of evolution
  2. Surviving incredible bets
  3. Ego-free co-created Alchemy

Thank you Boulle International and Hamptons for well you have looked after our family. 🙏