Dear Friends,

animaA Matthew 18:20 moment is when inspiration is co-created with loving intent and no egos. Yesterday one such M18:20 magic meeting, likely to have a profound impact on the future of our country, occurred when I was invited by:

  • Maurizio Amodio, Manager L’Anima Caf√©, on right.
  • Claudio Medugno, chief talent scout who had introduced us, ¬†on left

nonno-amodioThe meal started beautifully. We talked about our harvest went, and¬†Maurizio, who came from a small town in Northern Calabria¬†where people referred to him by the term ‘caporale’, because his grand-father used to steward the workers in the fields, spoke lovingly about how his grand-father used to be the most sought after vine trainer in the region, doing everything with his pocket pen-knife which he used both to work and eat, such that the family’s few vines were always the most productive in the area.

Now that he is no longer with us I look after my grandfather’s knife, but my brother, who is head barman at the Dorchester, has inherited his perfectionism for carving.

dad-builderSeeing the opportunity to start to co-create a win/win/win, I asked “Maurizio,¬†if your brother were to praise one of your qualities, what might it be?“, and once we had fun going round the table with question, we explored a little deeper

As ¬†the conversation really began to open up, I saw an opportunity to co-create a win/win/win. “Maurizio and Claudio, as Italians, are we a nation of¬†doers, or people who give their opinion?

Them: “If we were doers like your father and my (Maurizio’s) grandfather, we would be leaders in Europe

Me: “Exactly, so we have an amazing opportunity here to tell a story about ‘anima’ (soul) and the enormous economic value it unlocks. You guys become Blues Brothers , and Italy changes. Let me explain why:

  • Serendipity: First, we can argue that life is scripting this. It was fate that took me to Chicago where I began to understand this approach from the same type of Kabbalah practitioners who trained our ancestor Peter & co, jus was Max’s pure generosity that played me to Claudio, and ditto Claudio to you. I did not make any requests
  • Excellence: our team, and the wine tasting you hosted in July,¬†were outstanding. To go from outstanding to inspired takes that little ‘je ne sais quoi’ of personal transformation.
  • Openness, humility and goodness: You both clearly have this, which I why you inspire me¬†to co-create with your, would you like my suggestion for the next step?

toltec-4-agreementsWhen they both consented, I asked¬†“Maurizio if I¬†had a magic wand, how might you want me to evolve Claudio?” – “Well maybe ensure that a yes is always a yes

The conversation then unfolded into “Imagine if Italians kept their charm on the outside but had German, or better Toltec, verbal precision and reliability on the inside“.

Is it possible?” I asked

Anything is possible replied Claudio

Good, then have you tried those meditation techniques I suggested 5 days ago?

screen-shot-2016-12-01-at-08-06-54I’ve been too busy, but I’ll try them for you soon

Dude¬†you’re¬†not trying them for me. You can go through the day worrying about having too many things to do, or you can invest a few minutes each morning, at home, in the tube, walking, to get in the zone so that you can always feel whether you’re surfing your optimal line or not“.

Based on what I’ve been learning in¬†The Power of Letting Go and here in The Listening Movement, he realised how easy it is to clear one’s mind, be it, ‘mind to breathe‘, ‘broaden field of hearing‘, or ‘feel the physical sensations of touch.

flavio-make-me-blushAt this point, it was Maurizio’s turn. “Claudio. Magic Wand. How would you evolve Maurizio?” “He’s too kind” “Ah! that might explain why he’s not pushed you to verbal accuracy enough!” ¬†Maurizio and I had a laugh at the friendly¬†blush.

Ok. Time to test the boss.” We called over a waiter ¬†“Maurizio, tell me a personal detail about this waiter that will surprise him that you know it.” -> Nul Points.

Maurizio you have a choice, you can be the boss who gives instructions, or you can be the Jerry Maguire to your team. Why do you think the young Napoleon was such a good leader?

Because he inspired his troops

So, you’re standing here. Path A is ‘same good results as now’. Path B is ‘inspired results and people come here to learn to rediscover inspiration from your fun team’. What drives the difference?”¬†

matrix-pillsMaurizio thinks about it, smiles, and says “I guess it’s if I do those 5 minutes of meditation in the tube each morning or not“.

Brilliant! ¬†If the Red team wins, shall we have a party here on January 27th 2017? Let’s see how the play unfolds and how my Blue friends and Red friends choose to react.

Over to you guys!