Date: Thursday, 5 January 2017 18:46

To: Simon Fenn

Cc: Marvell Markowicz

Subject: Re: Our / your ref: 16310BD54665/0001 – disposal of GP06LLZ

Dear Simon,

I have spoken to the very gracious Marvell, and left the V5c in the vehicle this afternoon.

With Italy up in arms about Vivendi’s bid for Mediaset, this letter to an inspiring university friend, which builds off my three earlier letters to Aviva, explains why that VW is the fulcrum to an inspired bid to shift us to a healthier future trajectory.

Thank you, and this will be published as the ‘4th & closing letter to Aviva’, as part of this real life win/win/win’ story  🙏



From: Simon Fenn

Date: Tuesday, 3 January 2017 15:09

To: Andrea Moretti-Adimari

Subject: Our / your ref: 16310BD54665/0001 – disposal of GP06LLZ

Afternoon Andrea,

Please note that we have instructed our Italian agent, Holme & Co to arrange the collection and disposal of GP06LLZ.

We have Holme & Co that you are still in possession of the V5c (vehicle registration document) so once they have made contact with you, we ask that you forward it direct to them.

Kind regards


Simon Fenn


Aviva Overseas Claims Unit.