Dear Tom, I had the most amazing start to the day today.

Your colleague Rune at Kristiania Business School in Oslo called saying “Tom and I are planning a new leadership course with touring locations. What is your new building called as we would like to come there for part of the course?

Clubhouse” I replied. “We could do with a more business-like name for our proposal” said Rune. With the forthcoming event on November 24th in mind, instinctively I replied “Center of Excellence for Human Economics“, a name which our team absolutely loved.

Human Economics and Inspiring Servant Leaders

Now if we define human economics as “the alternative to capitalism“, where instead of  being driven greed and the desire to accumulate wealth, human beings are motivated by the desire to achieve excellence in the service of a winning human system, which is either optimising the use of its finite resources, or wasteful, then two additional incredible conversations that occurred earlier this week point to this valley becoming known not just for ‘in vino veritas‘, but also for the refinement of inspiring servant leaders, who are mastering the art of being guided by nature.

The Ability to Break out of Conditioning to be in Tune with Nature

The first conversation occurred last Friday when the Norwegian Down Syndrome Association visited to understand the incredible success of our clients Tacabanda & Albergo Etico are having in evolving handicapped children into tax-paying members of the workforce, able to travel freely on public transport, some even with driving licences.

When they asked Antonio what was motivating him, he smiled and said “Put your seatbelts on. It’s because Jesus and St. Francis were Down servant leaders.

Now let me translate this into plain English. In the Down population you find no egos, but instead a group which, when they are helped out of their reality or fear and inhibitions, into a new reality of empowerment and being able to care for others, translates into incredible joyfulness and generosity in the gratitude of being able to serve other.

So powerful and magnetic is this effect that the first Down trainee, Nicoló, literally converted the brothers Antonio and Egidio, and many others too, as far afield as Argentina, Norway and Australia.

Next, add to this the little known fact that  ‘Christ point‘ is a moment in time of surrendering ego to the inspiration of ‘something Greater’ (also known as the Zone in sport), and all of a sudden the Down population are flipped from ‘the last‘ in terms of capitalism’s metrics of success, to some of the best role models of being if the Zone of ego-free inspiration. Pretty cool eh?

Scaling the Recipe for the Benefit of All

The second was a series of exchanges in an online from with a medic, a technologist and two economists.

Now whether we look at religious texts or business school manuals, like Dante’s Divina Comedia, families, companies, and societies, are divided up into dysfunctional, ‘adhering to norms’ and ‘exceptionally happy’. In all cases the ‘internal health’ boils down to how evolved and wise leadership, or seen for the other camera angle, how much ego, fear, and laziness is weighing the population down.

If good times lead to decadence, the ‘Holy Grail‘ is devising a way to encourage people to let go of their ego and evolve to make wise and more selfless choices.

Our team has re-expressed timeless techniques for ego purification in modern metaphors, intended to help people ‘upgrade’ (or evolve) their internal for decision making system

  • 5S refers to ‘5 senses only’. Everything has to be referenced and we will waste time arguing about who is right
  • 6S keeps all the rational 5S system intact but trains intuition as a beacon so that like musicians finding harmony, co-created solutions are found more effortlessly

Through countless mini-forums, more and more case studies are coming forward and saying “this process has helped me become more aware of my ego and I’m the better for it

How are we facilitating ego surrender?

The goal is first to test for potential ego, fear or laziness. Like a sonar, this is done through benevolent teasing, in supportive mini forums, in the presence of others to provide checks and balances.

If the provocation is successful, it will tease out the blind spot.

There is no guarantee that the person will acknowledge the blind spot straight away. The process become a bit like a game, a benevolent corrida, where the ego (or fear) is the bull, and the goal is not to kill the bull, but help it transition from the perceived safety of assumptions and references known in Kung Fu Panda as the Illusion of Control, to cultivating an increasingly accurate direct connection to nature

Incidentally, these techniques of course are not new as they were used by Moses to liberate his people from mental slavery, and then passed down from generation to generation so that, most famously, John the Baptist taught them to Jesus, who passed them on to his next XI etc. We’ve simply leveraged technology to help scale and accelerate the wider ego filtration process for the benefit of all. (Metaphor: Happy Feet)

What happens if we evolve beyond our ego into ‘the Zone of Inspiration’?

Once we let go of ego, we become what is called a conduit, which means that ‘Life’ expresses itself through us.

At this point, our life becomes incredibly simple, and the most sensible next choice feels transparently obvious (even if it is not the rational choice – or if we don’t have a feeling, it means that other things elsewhere need to resolve themselves first before our best choice can be felt). Some cultures call this ‘Spontaneous Right Action

We find ourselves both attracting lovely people, and helping all around us.

In fact, our life suddenly feels a bit like a movie, where we simply need to stay tuned to the script, to do what needs doing in that moment in time.

For example, I’ve been asked to turn this movie about serving you better and co-creating a safer world into reality. My friends stand aligned in achieving this goal. If you want to achieve this goal, show your support by making a small commitment via this charity, at this link.

Kind regards,