Dear Joss,

Thank you for last night. How joyful to see that you are passing on your cheerful ‘je ne sais quoi’ on to your next generation, just like, upstream, it contributed to our joyful family moment below.

Yesterday, before meeting you, we were called to L’Anima Café in Liverpool Street by Maurizio (PietroDavidix), currently bullied by Sicily’s worst, who are preventing him from seeing his lovely, innocent, 18-month young son.

If he behaves like his old self (1.0) he will be powerless and frustrated. But Jogo Bonito is simply ‘aspire to emulate your dream team of role models’. If, by my input of Jerry Maguire-style nagging, I can share on the example of ‘dancing with bulls’  from my dream team of role models, which include you (Dodgyfishix), Greg (Warmsmilix), my Aikido Sensei’s etc., then maybe Maurizio’s response to unfair baiting will begin to evolve to 2.0, and like Bruce Willis in Die Hard 2, he’ll trace an example for other Italians.  (Ref: John 14:6 when seen from the point of view of ‘flow state’ or ‘Spontaneous Right Action’, as our friend John calls it).

Who are witnessing my thank you here to you, so that tonight at the 50th birthday party you’re attending you’ll be able to joke “I may not have a Ferrari yet, (despite living round the corner from the showroom  ), but I’ve been informed that a likely future nomination for a Nobel Prize in Economics has been part-inspired by me

My friend Matematix is a top economist who was taught at Princeton by John Nash’s best friend. She can explain to anyone, in water-tight maths, why what will now be formally called ‘Jogo Bonito – Le Fly-Fisher Advantage to Sexier Economic Alternatives‘ is the key to preventing our capitalist human system from heading towards ever greater pain in a world of finite, and incorrectly priced, resources, and re-routing to a sustainable satisfaction and inspiration-driven alternative known as #humaneconomics 2.0.

Rupert (Historicalperspectivix) is here as witness that this is simply a remake of a team shimmy that has been pulled off a few times in human history before.

Rob (Hedgefundix) is here to witness that this is not rocket science, just optimal fresh risk selection in each unique moment

Jessica (Sdrammatizzix) can tell you that this is on track with what we kicked off in Madrid in 2008

Victoria (Oncologix) is both a medical observer, and, like PietroDavidix, the key to potentially unlocking enormous benefits downstream.

Finally Antonio (WineClub001ix) is the friend from Kellogg I’m going to invite to respond to what you coincidentally (ref) just wrote contemporaneously on Facebook.

Thank you all for being inspiring


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