June 4th, 2017

Dear President Trump,

I am a Christian, but I am a different sort of Christian. 

I don’t perceive myself as ever being right or better. 

Instead, like an athlete, I seek to play as big a part of my day in the Zone of Inspiration, historically known as ‘Christ Point’. Hence my role is simply to try to serve as a conduit for something greater

You were elected because you were different. 

You were elected because you are a doer, and your goal is to make America great again, which the market liberalism of the last decade has failed to achieve. The reason for this is that it was not in tune with human nature and therefore failed to bring out the best in people.

God Willing this letter will reach you.

Today is June 4th.

With the world at such a delicate cross-roads, if you play the perfect game, you have the opportunity to go down not just as one of the greatest US presidents, but also on of the greater contributors to the human race.

God Willing, before July 4th, you will consider the timeless logic of human economics, presented to you by three Cambridge economists, one of whom is a student of John Nash’s best friend at Princeton, and another of America’s former top crisis communicator at Kellogg.

Humbly and at your service,